MLBxi 2022 Concepts
Designed and created a few concepts for 2022 MLBxi package for InDemand. One of the ones picked for final execution, was called simply "FIRE", hinting that the season will be hot and exciting. Used some warps and liquify effects to bend some stock fire into position. Sample finale spot executed by fellow Motion Graphics Designer Aaron Kent. Below are a few more sample concepts and spots.
The next concept is called "Bright Orange". From NY to LA and everywhere in between the action can be viewed anywhere. Below is a sample spot executed by a fellow Motion Graphics Designer Aaron Kent.
This one is called "3D Metal", it has some 3D assets painted in Substance Painter and rendered in Cinema 4D with Redshift Render.
This one is called "3D Leather" incorporating some 3D lockers and leather panels to contain the messaging.
Finally "3D Chevrons", bold and in your face.
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